California Über Alles

Germans are known for their commitment to quality and tradition when it comes to brewing.  This tradition and passion for great beer now has found a new home on the Central Coast - EINHORN BEER.

All of our
full-bodied brews are made with the best raw materials available, brewed just the way you might discover on your travels in and around Germany.

You will find them true to their heritage - yet unique the way one expects from a California craft beer.  The century-old traditions behind these hand-crafted brews guided us in their creation, but we have chosen to remain free with our own interpretation of the Germanic beer culture, adding a twist at every turn.  Prosit ! 

Einhorn News - at a glance

Two new ciders!

Last year, the cider market grew a whopping 94% - those are impressive numbers. With that kind of growth, it's clear that we will all be seeing a lot of new brands, and we have two who are making fantastic quality - SCHILLING CIDER from Seattle WA and COMMON CIDER from Auburn CA. If you are not a big cider drinker, we can highly recommend that you soon try these soon, they are both fantastic. Add to that that they both come in cans and bottles, and you have no reason not to try. Contact us for a retailer near you!  

Blue Frog Brewing is here

Another great addition to the Einhorn portfolio: BLUE FROG BREWING out of Fairfield CA. Why are we so excited about BLUE FROG? We'll tell you. Great everyday 22 oz offerings that won't kill your pocketbook. Try the red ale, hefeweizen, blonde ale (Belgian style 6.8% ABV), IPA and the BIG DIPA #3.  All very solid beers at great prices - what more do you want??

New German brands - Jawohl!

You always come back to your first love...

Having found the passion for good beer in Germany, it's great to finally add a few excellent imports to our portfolio. As of October 2014 you can now get ANDECHS, WELTENBURGER, STUTTGARTER HOFBRÄU/DINKEL ACKER, ARCOBRÄU and WELTENBURGER through Einhorn Beer Co.  These are all top notch breweries making some excellent beer - for centuries now. Try some of the world's best "session beers" which have been around even longer than the Session IPA.

Palo Alto distribution secured!

It's taken a while, but we finally have the fine beers from Palo Alto available along the entire central coast! At this time we have all bottled selections available, and we are implementing our "Brewery Fresh Beer Run" system for draught which we have been doing for some time now with Moylan's and Marin Brewing. What does that mean? Once every 3-4 weeks we contact our restaurant and bar customers, tell them what's available or what will be available, and we pre-order all kegs. The advantage? You, the beer drinking consumer, can always count on brewery-fresh beer right here on the central coast. Bonus for all! 

Moylans & Marin Brewing

We are very excited to finally be working with one of the hoppiest breweries in California, Moylan's Brewing, along with the sister brewery, Marin Brewing. We carry (almost) all products, but please be aware that Marin products are not always year-round and readily available. Call us with any questions!


We are happy to announce that GUAYAKI yerba mate teas are now available through Einhorn Beer Co!  The brand GUAYAKI actually started back in 1995 right here in San Luis Obispo CA from 2 Cal Poly grads, and we are very proud to be working together with the GUAYAKI team.


Looking for Jolt, Bubble Up, Frostie Root Beer, Sioux City Sasparilla or any other old-school soda?  Call us - we can help!  We now carry an amazing plethora of yummy sodas which take you back in time! We also have a few modern sodas for the discerning soda drinker, like Maine Root, Dry Soda, Boylan's and others. These are perfect sodas for high-end gastronomy looking for sodas with all natural ingredients. Pure genius. 


Soon available in 22 ounce bottles - Einhorn Hopfenhammer IPA.  The maliest IPA you have ever tried.  The best of both worlds, fantastic, high-quality German malts combines with US & German hops.  72 IBUs and 7.2% ABV.  Wunderbar!